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Day Program

Now Serving Adults with Brain Injury in TWO Locations!
Huntersville , NC Asheville, NC

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Program Description

The Hinds’ Feet Farm Day Program is a paradigm shift from the traditional medical, treatment, model for people living with brain injury, to a model that embraces a holistic health and wellness orientation, empowering members toward occupation and meaning in life post injury.

Created by, and for, persons living with brain injury; members actively participate throughout the entire infrastructure of the program.Hinds’ Feet Farm is person-centered, member empowered, self-determined, free choice, conceptualized and driven program.  Members are self governing through the fluidity of the program by self-designing opportunities to engage in reestablishing and empowering occupation.  Program staff, family and professional caregivers, in-kind community volunteers and student interns are guides for members in opportunities for exploration, discovery, confidence and self-esteem in their new identity and meaning in life post-injury.  A Member Bill of Rights, membership criteria, and program rules structure inclusion in the program while referrals will be encouraged through the existing network of brain injury service deliveries throughout the greater Charlotte community. Our goal is to serve individuals in the Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Rowan and Iredell county areas.

The daily programming schedule is based on member focus groups through ongoing needs assessments, improvement feedback and program evaluations. Through Hinds’ Feet Farm’s holistic health and wellness, and empowerment model, members may choose to participate in daily, skill training, thematic-based, workshops.  These workshops are grouped into several categories: cognitive, creative, functional, emotional, physical, recreational, social and vocational.

Occupational Integration Sessions or individually scheduled appointment sessions with members are designed to mentor and coach members in occupation and/or specific skill exploration and acquisition to further improve quality of life, increase independence and community integration.  Additionally, traditional therapies such as speech, occupation and/or physical therapy will be available as needed and prescribed by the member’s primary caregiver and/or primary care physician to further refine residual challenges.

 Hinds’ Feet Farm will also meet the multi-faceted needs of members’ families.  Family caregivers can develop a circle of peer and professional support by participating in the program offerings and their own weekly support groups at Hinds’ Feet Farm.  Partnership with local Brain Injury Association of North Carolina support groups and resource connections such as Project STAR at Carolinas Rehabilitation will exemplify Hinds’ Feet Farms commitment to members and families in the community. 

 Hinds’ Feet Farm is also committed to program evaluation and outcome measures through evidence-based practice to validate the program’s efficacy, and to substantiate members’ journey of an improved quality of life, increased independence and success in their community.  Hinds’ Feet Farm will initiate an outcome tracking system in collaboration with the National Brain Injury Research, Treatment & Training Foundation.


Admission Criteria

•    Have a brain injury (traumatic or acquired), and be at least 18 years old.
•    Be capable of meeting personal needs, including taking medication, or have a personal
       caregiver or family member to assist them.
•    Be able to communicate with others through speech, signing, assistive devices or caregiver.
•    Not use alcohol or illegal drugs during program hours; use of tobacco products in the designated
       areas only.
•    Follow Program Rules.
•    Refrain from behaviors that pose a threat to self or others.
•    Have a secured membership funding source through North Carolina’s Department of Health &
        Human Services, Division of  Mental Health, Developmental Disability and Substance Abuse
        Services (NC DHHS DMH/DD/SAS) Medicaid, or private pay.

Program Rules

•    Sign in and out at the Main Office when you arrive and leave.

The following are not allowed:
•    Alcohol, illegal drugs.  Tobacco products are allowed in designated areas only.
•    Physical violence toward people or property.
•    Sexual activity or sexual harassment.
•    Weapons.
•    Profanity.
•    Theft, destruction of property and/or vandalism.

Download the Day Program Client Member Bill of Rights, Membership Criteria and Program Rules